Beef Farmers Feed Ontario Families.

We need to ensure that Ontario’s farmers and our leaders in government are working together to protect and preserve valuable farmland; the health, wellness and financial viability of farmers; and ensure resiliency in our meat processing sector. By working together, we can continue to provide a healthy supply of local food to Ontarians and those around the globe.

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Ontario Agriculture Sustainability Coalition

The time is now.

Beef farmers face an unprecedented level of uncertainty, and risks that cannot be mitigated by good management alone due to significant inflationary cost of inputs, trade and supply chain disruptions, increasing frequency of adverse weather events, and a level of market volatility we have never experienced.

These risks are particularly acute for younger and less established farmers that have limited ability to mitigate severe fluctuations in the market.  The best remedy for these risks, which will sustain Ontario’s beef capacity and promote new economic output, is to increase Ontario’s investment in the Risk Management Program (RMP) and to support programs that help increase resiliency in our supply chain, from farm to fork.

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Funding the program at $250 million annually would help ensure the program is adequately resourced and responsive to rapidly changing and increasingly volatile domestic and global conditions.

This will help us weather the pandemic and post-pandemic storm that has crippled our supply chains and increased production costs and market risks.

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